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Here is a short version of the traditional song “Dark Eyes”.  The purpose of this video is to demonstrate just how well the Troll works in challenging live or recording situations.  The bass is a ’54 Kay C1, updated with a new taller bridge, hickory fingerboard, Gamut Lyon G and D strings, and Evah Pirazzi A and E strings.  The bass was recorded with the Troll microphone only.  The mic was sent to an Acoustic Image Clarus Series III, driving a Euphonic Audio Wizzy 10.  The Acoustic Image DI was sent to a MOTU 896HD, and recorded with Logic DAW software on a Mac.  Drums were recorded using two overheads, kick and snare mics.  The mix is minimally processed.  A little reverb was added to the drums.  The bass signal was processed using the Waves SSL Type G  channel strip plugin, bass preset.  As can be seen in the video, the bass and drums were recorded simultaneously, in close proximity, and with no acoustic isolation whatsoever.  Even so, the bass signal is present, unmolested by the drums, and very robust.  The drums sounds are unaffected by spill from the bass microphone.  When using the Troll, great sounds are available with a minimum of live or post production signal processing.

Big Thanks to Jason Slota for playing drums, and Jeff St. Pierre for AV production!

Here’s a really beautiful video of some wonderful players.  Special thanks to Jeff Kissell for using the Troll and forwarding the link!  This video was recorded on location, what you see is what you hear, no studio tricks!  These guys can really play!   Jeff used the FetHead with the Troll for this session.


Ed Friedland Reviews the Acoustic Image Flex System

Ed Friedland Reviews the Acoustic Image Flex Preamp

Ed was kind enough to use the Troll in his reviews of Rick Jones’ new product line.  Here are some recipes for great acoustic bass tone!  The straight dope from one of the pillars of bassdom in the US.

Another cool little gem of a video from Ed!



Here’s something NoCoasters put together, a grand piano in the park, no less!



Shane Allessio sent this, just a few days after he ordered a Troll!