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The Troll Microphone is a tool for the serious (or possibly humorous) upright bassist who desires something different in their amplified or recorded sound.  The Troll is for those who think of the upright bass as an acoustic instrument, and strive to create their sound with their body, strings and bass, rather than a pickup and amplifier.   If used with appropriate amplification equipment, a beautiful amplified sound is possible, pleasing in both tone and dynamic range.   When used for recording, the Troll allows the bassist to move naturally without compromising mic placement, and play in the same room as other musicians with minimal spill from their instruments.  The Troll is a ribbon microphone, long understood by audio engineers to work wonderfully with upright bass, now packaged in a small, lightweight form factor, suitable for installation directly on the bass.  This is a microphone designed and hand built by an upright bass player, for upright bass players.